Requirement for admission

Please note that there is neither textbooks written in English nor lessons in English at this school.


Requirement for admission


◆Age Licence for standard car (vehicle weight of less than 5,000kg, and carriage of less than 10 persons):

over 18 years old Licence for middle size motorcycle (less than 400cc displacement): over 16 years old Licence for motorcycle (unlimited): over 18 years old


◆Eyesight One eye: over 0.3 Both eyes: over 0.7 (in Japanese visual acuity test)


◆Colour perception To be able to distinguish red, yellow and blue


◆Other Please ask us if you have; 1) experienced revocation of licence. 2) a police record for unlicensed driving. 3) any handicap. Things you need at enrolment


◆Residence certificate The certificate must; 1) show your nationality. 2) show your information only. Not with your family members’. 3) be without “my number”. 4) be within 1 year from the issuing date.


◆Identification Student ID, passport etc. If you are not Japanese, residence card or foreign resident registration card is also required.


◆Drivere’s licence IC licence card without description of your nationality needs to be submitted together with residence certificate with description of your nationality.


◆Lesson fee The fee can be paid by the following methods; 1) cash 2) instalment payment 3) credit card


◆Personal seal (“inkan”) Unregistered seal (“mitome-in”) can also be accepted.


◆Glasses or contact lenses If you regularly wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring them on the day of enrolment.